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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue - 130 - Proposal for vote

While partners have no syntactic or semantic value in either abstract or 
executable BPEL (nor have they ever), they still retain semantic meaning 
at the modeling level.  I don't actually recall a discussion about 
removing them, but I'm somewhat ambivalent about doing so, and wonder 
what others think on the issue.


Yaron Y. Goland wrote:

> I had previously moved that we remove partners (not partnerLinks) from 
> the BPEL specification. I had been asked to table that proposal until 
> we had a better understanding of what role partners might play in 
> abstract processes. At the F2F the general consensus was that we now 
> have a good enough understanding of what abstract processes are likely 
> to look like in BPEL that we can safely conclude that partners will 
> not play a significant role. Therefore I was asked to re-raise my 
> original proposal.
> I therefore move that we remove partners from the BPEL specification.
>     Thanks,
>         Yaron
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