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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue 86 - Proposal For Vote

I still don't think the WSDL 2.0 reference is necessary but I also don't 
want to spend a lot of time arguing about it. But I do object to the 
inclusion of the "MAY" in the last sentence. There should be nothing 
normative about this warning. After all, the contrary statement, "and 
MUST be referenced by future WS-BPEL versions" is just as unenforceable 
as "MAY".



Monica J. Martin wrote:
> Updated after conversation with Yaron Goland. One open question remains
> (see end).
> Note some of this may actually be handled by Ugo's new issue for BP v1.1
> (if additional text is required to specifically say this doesn't include
> the simple SOAP or AP v1.0. I'll leave that to him).  Here is proposed
> updated text:
> ============================================================================================================== 
> Revised proposal to vote, Issue 86 SOAP v1.2
> Change in Section 3.0:
> Change To:
> "With respect to [WS-I Basic Profile v1.1] (Basic Profile v1.1) all BPEL
> implementations SHOULD be configurable such that they can participate in
> Basic Profile v1.1 compliant interactions. A BPEL implementation MAY
> allow the Basic Profile v1.1 configuration to be disabled, even for
> scenarios encompassed by the Basic Profile v1.1. Future versions of the
> WS-I Basic Profile may support other protocol bindings such as the W3C
> SOAP v1.2 Recommendation, and a subsequent WSDL v2.0 when complete in
> W3C. As this specification is binding neutral, it does not require
> particular protocol bindings be supported. As of this version, the WSDL
> v2.0 work is under development and MAY be referenced by future WS-BPEL
> versions."
> ============================================================================================================== 
> Open question: Is more detailed text on WSDL v2.0 needed here, because
> it is relevant to (future) WS-BPEL?
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