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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue - 188 - Dead Path Elimination and Join Conditions

Ron Ten-Hove wrote:
Yaron Y. Goland wrote:
Since the algorithm is an optimization (e.g. BPEL can run just fine, if slower, without it) and since it is not something that users should need be aware of I don't see a compelling case for changing the terminology. But I'm always open to a good argument.
As soon as I read that last sentence, I was instantly reminded of the Monty Python sketch featuring the "argument clinic." In that spirit:

In the BPEL context, the word "path" suggests something we'd probably model as a sequence:  a set of concurrent activities constrained by a single links: A1 -> A2 -> ... -> AN. If the "path" becomes dead (a link in the path is marked as "negative") at the completion of activity Aj, j < N, then all activities Ak j < k <= N are marked as dead, since they cannot be executed. [1]
To continue the argument clinic, the path isn't dead yet.  Could you come back Tuesday?

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