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Subject: Issue 154 - Proposal For Vote

Issue 154 - doc/lit & multiple body parts

Proposal: To put in language that makes explicit what is currently 
implicit in the BPEL spec, that it is the binding layer's job to 
decompose the physical message into the portType definition.

Rationale: One of the more basic flaws in spec writing is to make 
implicit assumptions. By doing so spec implementers are always left in 
the dark because they may not share the same implicit assumptions as the 
spec authors. The fix is to make the implicit assumption explicit which 
is what this proposal does. Note, however, that this proposal causes no 
normative changes to BPEL's current behavior, it just makes what was 
implicit, explicit.

Changes Required:

Section 3 -

Insert new paragraph after the paragraph that begins "While WS-BPEL
attempts to provide as much compatibility with WSDL 1.1 as possible..."

BPEL assumes that the WSDL binding layer is able to decompose incoming 
messages into the parts specified by the WSDL message definition. 
However it is know that certain combinations of message definitions and 
bindings, including ones defined in the WSDL standard itself, cannot be 
decomposed in any standard way. For example, a multi-part WSDL message 
where one of the parts is a complexType and a doc/lit SOAP transport can 
create ambiguous situations. The BPEL specification assumes that these 
ambiguities will be dealt with at the binding layer, perhaps by 
forbidding ambiguous message definitions, and are therefore out of scope 
of BPEL.

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