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Subject: Fw: agenda for Mar 2

The next call of the WS BPEL TC will be on Wed. Mar 2 at 8 am Pacific.  Dial in info is: USA & Canada Toll Free Number: +1 866 500 6738, Pass code: 600345, All Others (toll): +1 203 480 8000, Pass code: 600345.  Please give your name and the names of any others in the room with you when you call in.  We will also have access to LiveMeeting - see the calendar entry for more info on accessing it.

Here is the proposed agenda:
- Nomination/volunteers to take minutes for this call  
- Roll call/determine quorum
- Review/accept minutes from  previous calls - Feb. 2, Feb. 16
- Review agenda

- Discuss agenda for the f2f
I will try to get a draft out by tuesday for consideration.  As an approach, I'd like to see if we can close out some of the long running issues and then go to the issues that are related to/dependent on them.  Once we've been through the issues with proposals we'll start at the top and go through the remaining open ones to see where we can make progress.  I encourage any of you with ideas for proposals to send email on them before the meeting.  
- Liaison subgroup report  
- Use case subgroup report
- Requirements and Issues Coordination subgroup report    
- Specification Editing subgroup report    

- Implementation subgroup report
Issue discussion - I've changed the order to allow us to get to some of the issues that have been backed up for a few meetings:    

Issues deferred from previous meetings - I've been adding to this like a push down stack - we'll start discussions from the bottom which are the ones that have aged the most:  
-> issue 160
-> issue 81
-> issue 86
-> issue 63:  At the f2f meeting, we discussed issue 63 and pointed out that it is subsumed by issue 4.  It was agreed that we should close this pending agreement from Ivana who has been involved with 4.   I've had some email with her and she's ok with this.    

-> issue 92
-> issue 154

-> issue 169
New issues to be opened:   190, 191, 192
Issues with new proposals to vote this week:

-> issue 103
Long running issues

-> issue 2: work in progress
-> issue 82: review any questions on additional material to be added  

-> issues  107:  deferred pending 82
->issues  91, 97 99:  pending closure of 107  

-> issue 126:  deferred pending 107
-> issue 9: deferred pending inclusion of 84 in spec

-> issue 125: pending 103 and 51

-> issue163: defered as special case of 182 and 141

New business

John Evdemon and Diane Jordan

WS-BPEL TC Co-chairs

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