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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue 193: Clarify why the spec mandates that JoinConditions must always be evaluated only after all source activities complete

Hello Prasad:

> Yes there have been guesses and assumptions on why this
> constraint had been placed. The issue is not arguing
> against the constraint being in the spec (that was 189).
> All it is asking for is that some clarifying text to be
> added to justify the purpose of the constraint, instead
> of leaving it up for guesses or assumptions.

I feel the WS-BPEL specification would be strengthened
and many time wasting debates avoided, if the authors
of key passages stated their intent and if a well understood
design philosophy existed.

> Agree that this could be one of the reasons (again a
> guess / assumption), though IMO BPEL is not necessarily
> always directly manipulation by a programmer. It could be
> generated from a tool (a typical case IMO).

I find that the high level tool is used way too often as
a panacea for defficencies in WS-BPEL :-(


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