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Subject: Issue 92 - 92.1 - Do not associate XML namespaces with extensionIDs - Proposal For Vote

The current proposal uses an attribute called "namespace" to identify 
the name of an extension. This is an unfortunate choice as it implies 
that the URI used to identify the extension is also the namespace URI of 
the attributes and elements associated with that extension. As I explain 
in <http://www.goland.org/Tech/extensions.htm>
associating the extension URI and namespace URIs is not a good idea. It 
provides very little added benefit since it can only catch a tiny 
handful of typos and it makes re-use painful.

I therefore propose that we name the attribute that will identify the 
extension "extensionURI" (based on a suggestion from Alex Yiu). This 
would make the syntax for the extension element into:

        <extensions> ?
           <extension extensionURI=”anyURI” mustUnderstand=”yes|no”/> *


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