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Subject: Issue 12.2 - Proposal For Vote

Issue 12.2 - Accessing messageType properties under issue 12

Proposal: Close with no action

Rationale: Properties will be introduced into WSDL with BPEL. Which 
means that everyone using properties will know about BPEL and BPEL’s 
focus on using single element variables rather than WSDL message 
variables for WS-I doc/lit messages. I therefore find it difficult to 
believe that a bunch of people will go out and write properties on WS-I 
doc/lit messages rather than putting those properties directly on the 
underlying elements. Yes, there are some situations where, in theory, 
the same element could be used on two different messages and so need two 
different sets of properties. But this would be very strange for a WS-I 
doc/lit scenario. In WS-I doc/lit the element is the message. So 
elements tend to be unique to particular messages. If two messages need 
different sets of properties then they’re equally likely to be using two 
different parent elements. From what I can see, this issue represents a 
problem that probably doesn’t exist.

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