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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue 92 - 92.1 - Do not associate XML namespaces withextension IDs - Proposal For Vote

I think the really important point is whether the <bpel:extensions> element
should declare XML language extensions alone or also support something
else. The intent has always been the former. So, call it "namespace" or
"URI", the requirement is that it identifies an XML dialect being used in
the definition of the process, and the way we identify XML dialects today
is by providing the namespace of the schemas that define them. Anything
else sounds like trying to expand the scope of issue 92.


                      "Yaron Y. Goland"                                                                                           
                      <ygoland@bea.com>        To:       wsbpeltc <wsbpel@lists.oasis-open.org>                                   
                      02/28/2005 09:45         Subject:  [wsbpel] Issue 92 - 92.1 - Do not associate XML namespaces with          
                      PM                        extension IDs - Proposal For Vote                                                 
                      Please respond to                                                                                           

The current proposal uses an attribute called "namespace" to identify
the name of an extension. This is an unfortunate choice as it implies
that the URI used to identify the extension is also the namespace URI of
the attributes and elements associated with that extension. As I explain
in <http://www.goland.org/Tech/extensions.htm>
associating the extension URI and namespace URIs is not a good idea. It
provides very little added benefit since it can only catch a tiny
handful of typos and it makes re-use painful.

I therefore propose that we name the attribute that will identify the
extension "extensionURI" (based on a suggestion from Alex Yiu). This
would make the syntax for the extension element into:

        <extensions> ?
           <extension extensionURI=”anyURI” mustUnderstand=”yes|no”/> *


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