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wsbpel message

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Subject: Issue 141 - Proposal For Vote

Issue 141 - Standard Fault Format

Note: This issue depends on the resolution of issue 182 & 185

Proposal: Define a wrapper element <bpelFaultValue> defined using 
tExtensibleElements and specify this as a standard fault value thrown 
with BPEL standard faults. This proposal depends on the outcome of 182 
and 185 to make it possible to, in effect, ignore this fault value if 

Section 14.9 Standard BPEL Fault Value

All faults defined in this specification have associated with them a 
standard fault variable of type standardBpelFault of the form:


By default the bpelFaultValue element is empty however implementation 
MAY add new information to the fault body as appropriate.

Add to Schema:

     <complexType name="standardBpelFault">
             <element name="bpelFaultValue" 

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