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Subject: Issue 187 - Proposal For Vote

Issue 187 - Legality of Explicitly throwing or rethrowing Standard faults

Proposal: Explicitly state that it's fine to throw and rethrow internal 
BPEL faults.

Rationale: When in doubt, don't ban. I don't address the data issue 
because 182 deals with it. I also don't address rethrow since rethrow's 
definition (taken from section 13.4) says " In essence <rethrow> can be 
considered a macro for a <throw> that throws the fault caught by the 
corresponding fault handler." If you can catch it, you can rethrow it.


Add the following after the sentence "This provides a very lightweight 
mechanism to introduce application-specific faults.": The Throw activity 
MAY be used to throw faults defined by this specification.

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