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Subject: Issue 183 - Proposal For Vote

183 - Ambiguity in Rethrow Semantics

Proposal: Make it clear that rethrow always rethrows the original fault, 
not a possibly modified version. Also explain how we deal with issue 12 
catches of message variables using element variables.

Section 13.4

From: In essence <rethrow> can be considered a macro for a <throw> that 
throws the fault caught by the corresponding fault handler.

To: Rethrow is used to rethrow the fault that was originally caught by 
the immediately enclosing fault handler. For example if a fault handler 
should modify the fault data and then call rethrow what would be 
rethrown would be the original fault data, not the modified version. 
Similarly if a fault handler uses the shortcut that allows message type 
faults with one part defined using an element to be caught by fault 
handlers looking for the same element type, then a rethrow would rethrow 
the original message type data.

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