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Subject: "In spec" entry in WS-BPEL Issues List


(copying everyone since other's may have similar questions)

The "In spec" entry for issues is just the date on which I was told by
the editors that the changes had been included in their working version
(as checked in on cvs). It may be some time before they make that into a
draft available to all and sundry.  And the date may actually be
considerably later than the incorporation, as I don't always keep very
close track of them.  Also, there are some cases where I wasn't sure of
the date - in fact the only value that is really significant for the In
spec column is empty, which will cause a resolved issue to be included
in the pending table at the top of the list.

In which regard, I'm not sure of the position for 11.1 and 150. Both
were marked as "pending", which suppressed them from the table, and I
don't think they've been done by the editors. So I've cleared the
entries - I'm sure the editors will tell me if in fact they have already
applied them :-)


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