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Subject: Issue - 147 - Proposal For Vote

147 - Serial and Parallel Foreach

Proposal: Introduce a foreach to BPEL with both serial and parallel 

Rationale: Just check the issue list for issue 147. There is a whole 
series of mails attesting to how important this activity is.

Introduce a section 12.6

12.6 - foreach

<forEach counterName="ncname" parallel="yes|no" standard-attributes>
        <startCounterValue expressionLanguage="anyURI">
        <finalCounterValue expressionLanguage="anyURI">

The foreach activity is an iterator that will repeat its contained scope 
activity exactly N+1 times where N equals the <finalCounterValue> minus 
the <startCounterValue>.

When the foreach activity is started the expressions in 
<startCounterValue> and <finalCounterValue> are evaluated for the first 
and only time. That is, once the two values are returned they remain 
constant for the lifespan of the activity. Both expressions MUST each 
return a TII (meaning they contain at least one character) that can be 
validated as a xs:unsignedint and the startCounterValue MUST be less 
than or equal to the finalCounterValue, if any of these restrictions are 
violated then the bpws:forEachCounterError fault MUST be thrown. If the 
expression language used in either element happens to be 
urn:oasis:names:tc:wsbpel:2.0:sublang:xpath1.0 then the expressions 
contained in the two elements MUST be wrapped in implicit calls to the 
round(number()) functions.

The Scope activity MUST NOT have a variable explicitly declared in it 
with the same name as contained in the counterName attribute, a 
violation of this requirement MUST be statically enforced.

If parallel="no" then this is a serial foreach where the enclosed scope 
activity will be repeated N+1 times. During each repetition a variable 
of type xs:unsignedint will be created on the enclosed scope activity 
with the name specified in the counterName attribute. The counter 
variable's creation and initialization MUST occur before any other 
variables on the enclosed scope activity are declared, therefore other 
variables declared on the enclosed scope activity MAY refer to the 
counter variable in their own initializations. The counter variable is 
local to the enclosed scope and although its value can be changed during 
an iteration that value will be lost when the enclosed scope exits and 
will not affect the value that the next iteration's counter will be set to.

The first iteration of the scope will see the counter variable set to 
the startCounterValue. The next iteration will cause the counter 
variable to be set to the startCounterValue plus one. Each subsequent 
iteration will increment the previously initialized counter value by one 
until the final iteration where the counter will be set to the 

If parallel="yes" then this is a parallel foreach where the N+1 
instances of the enclosed scope activity will occur in parallel. In 
essence an implicit flow is dynamically created with N+1 copies of the 
foreach's enclosed scope activity as children. Each copy of the scope 
activity will have the same counter variable defined in the same manner 
as specified for serial foreach with the exception that each counter 
variable will be uniquely initialized to one of the integer values 
starting with startCounterValue and covering all integer values, 
incremented by one, up to and including finalCounterValue.

Both the start and final counter values are optional in the schema but 
this is only to allow for future use of extension elements. A 
non-extended version of the forEach activity MUST include both the 
startcountervalue and the finalCounterValue.

Add to Appendix A:

forEachCounterError - Either the startCounterValue or finalCounterValue 
returned non-unsigned integer values or the start value was greater than 
the final value.

Add to Schema:

Add the following to the 'activity' type:

<element name="forEach" type="bpws:tForEach"/>

Then add the following into the main body of the schema:

     <complexType name="tForEach">
             <extension base="bpws:tActivity">
                     <element name="iterator" type="bpws:tIterator"/>
                     <element name="scope" type="bpws:tScope"/>
                 <attribute name="counterName" type="NCName"
                 <attribute name="parallel" type="bpws:tBoolean"

     <complexType name="tIterator">
             <extension base="bpws:tExtensibleElements">
                     <element name="startCounterValue"
                              type="bpws:tExpression" minOccurs="0"/>
                     <element name="finalCounterValue"
                              type="bpws:tExpression" minOccurs="0"/>

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