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Subject: New sub-issue 6.4: Concurrency and Expression Evaluation

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This issue has been added to the wsbpel issue list with a status of "open" . 

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Issue 6.4: Concurrency and Expression Evaluation

Status: open
Date split: 31 May 2005
Categories: Expressions, State management
Submitter: Alex Yiu
Description: During discussion of Issue 6.*, someone expressed the concern of potential racing condition situation for <completionConditon>. Yes, there would be potential racing conditions. However, by thinking it deeper, racing condition actually apply to ALL expressions evaluation under a <flow>, whenever data underlying expressions are mutable. Racing-related expressions include any boolean condition (e.g. a <while> or if-then-else boolean condition). The more interesting case is transition conditions of control links, which actually can be used to emulate some of <completionCondition> functionality in some cases and face a similar racing condition problem.
Proposed resolution: Refer to attachment to Alex Yiu, 31 May 2005
Changes: 31 May 2005 - fields: Split, Title, Status, Submitter, Description, Proposed resolution

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