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Subject: Issue 88 - Proposal to vote

Updated for closing issue 88.  To my original proposal of 4/1 I added
points 1b and 6, an I reformulated point 3 to reflect the discussion we had
over email.

1. All WSDL and XSD definitions MUST be explicitly imported.

1b. Import elements are conceptually unordered. It is considered an error
if the imported documents contain conflicting definitions of a component
that used by the importing process (as could be caused when the XSD
redefinition mechanism is used).

2. The only mandatory attribute on the <bpel:import> element is
"importType" of type xs:anyURI, for which the BPEL spec defines two values,
indicating the import of WSDL and XSD documents.

3. The URI identifying the imported documents (the value of the
"targetnamespace" attribute in the cases of WSDL and XSD documents, but
maybe a different URI associated to the document in other languages) MUST
match the namespace attribute in the <import> element, or none if no
identification URI (targetnamespace for WSDL and XSD) was specified in the

4. "location" and "namespace" are optional. An import w/o namespace
indicates that external WSDL or XSD definitions are in use that are not
namespace qualified. An import w/o location indicates that external
definitions in a certain namespace (or lacking one) are used in the process
definition, making no statement about where those definitions may be found.

5. Namespace and importType URIs are always absolute. Location URIs may be
relative, following the usual rules for resolution of the URI base (XML
Base, RFC 2396).

6. Schema definitions defined in the types section of a WSDL document which
is imported by a BPEL process definition are considered to be effectively
imported themselves and are available to the process for the purpose of
defining XSD variables.

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