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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue 88 - Proposal to vote

See two comments inline (mm1:...)

>curdera: This is the proposal for closing issue 88.
>Replace the text of Section 6.4, starting on the second paragraph by the
>The <import> element is used within a WS-BPEL process to explicitly
>indicate a dependency on external XML Schema or WSDL definitions. Any
>number of <import> elements may appear as initial children of the <process>
>element, before any other child element. Each <import> element contains a
>mandatory and two optional attributes.
>- namespace. The namespace attribute specifies an absolute URI that
>identifies the imported definitions. This attribute is optional. An import
>element without  a namespace attribute indicates that external definitions
>are in use which are not namespace qualified.
>- location. The location attribute contains a URI indicating the location
>of a document that contains relevant definitions in the namespace
>The location URIs may be a relative URI, following the usual rules for
>resolution of the URI base (XML Base and RFC 2396). The location attribute
>is optional. An import element without a location attribute indicates that
>external definitions are used by the process but makes no statement about
>where those definitions may be found. The document located at the location
>URI MUST identify the definitions it contains with a URI matching the URI
>indicated by the namespace attribute.
>- importType. The importType attribute identifies the type of document
>being imported by providing an absolute URI that identifies the encoding
>language used in the document. The value of the importType attribute MUST
>be set to "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"; when importing XML Schema 1.0
>documents, and to "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/"; when importing WSDL
>1.1 documents.
mm1: For WSDL v1.1, is this the permanent location we want to use?

>The presence of an <import> element should be interpreted as an
>informational hint to the WS-BPEL processor. In particular, processors are
>not required to retrieve the imported document from the location specified
>on the <import> element. Import elements are conceptually unordered. It is
>an error if the imported documents contain conflicting definitions of a
>component used by the importing process definition (as could be caused, for
>example, when the XSD redefinition mechanism is used).
>A BPEL process definition MUST import all XML Schema and WSDL definitions
>it uses. This includes all XML Schema type and element definitions, all
>WSLD port types and message types as well as property and property alias
>definitions used by the process.
>Schema definitions defined in the types section of a WSDL document which is
>imported by a BPEL process definition are considered to be effectively
>imported themselves and are available to the process for the purpose of
>defining XML Schema variables. However, documents (or namespaces) imported
>by an imported document (or namespace) are no considered to be transitively
>imported by the process.
mm1: Paco, shouldn't we add some 'teeth' to the last statement, such as:

    "Documents (or namespaces) imported by an imported document (or
    namespace) MUST NOT be transitively imported into the process. "


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