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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue 157 - proposal - latest revision

I strongly  prefer  'keepSrcElementName' instead of 
'replaceDestinationElementName' for the sakes of simplicity and XML ;)

That would also change the description of RE (Replace element 
properties) to say: "replace the element at the destination with a copy 
of the element at the source. If the 'keepElementName' attribute is set 
to false (default), then an additional step is required where the name 
of the copied element is replaced with the name of the destination 
element (add an example)."

This is instead of the current description:
•	RE (Replace-Element-properties): First, remove all [children] and 
[attribute] properties of the destination EII. Then, copy and add all 
[children] and [attribute] properties of the source EII to the 
destination EII. An OPTIONAL replaceDestinationElementName attribute is 
provided to further refine the behavior:

Charlton Barreto wrote:
> Attached is the latest revision of the Issue 157 proposal, reflecting  
> the comments Alex and I have received since last week, including  
> examples of each of the copy operations in the proposal's matrix.
> -Charlton.
> -- 
> Charlton Barreto
> P 1.408.536.4496
> cbarreto@adobe.com
> www.adobe.com

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