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Subject: Issue 51 - Seed proposal coming from Issue 157

Hi all,

Here is the "seed" proposal for Issue 51 - coming from section (C) of previous version of proposal draft  for Issue 157.

Let's get the ball rolling ... :-)


Alex Yiu


Update Section 9.3.2, “Type Compatibility in Assignment”, as follows:

  • Update the section title to “Type Compatibility in Copy Operations


  • Update the first paragraph of the section and first two bullet items following to read (changes denoted by «»):
    “For «a copy operation» to be valid, the data referred to by the from and to specifications MUST be of compatible types. The following points make this precise:

·        The «selection result of the» from-spec is a variable of a WSDL message type, and the «selection result of the» to-spec is a variable of a WSDL message type. In this case, both variables MUST be of the same message type, where two message types are said to be equal if their qualified names are the same.

·        The «selection result of the» from-spec is a variable of a WSDL message type, and the «selection result of the» is not, or vice versa. This is not legal because parts of variables, selections of variable parts, or endpoint references cannot be assigned to/from variables of WSDL message types directly.”

  • Update the third bullet item to read (changes denoted by «»):

·        In all other cases, «if the selection results of the source (from-spec) and destination (to-spec) are XML Infoset Information Items, and the XML Schema types of these are known», then the source value MUST possess «the type» associated with the destination. Note that this does not require the types associated with the source and destination to be the same. In particular, the source type MAY be a subtype of the destination type. «The required XML Schema type checking can be determined by static analysis and/or evaluated at runtime. A BPEL processor MAY perform static analysis of the expression/query language to validate compliance with this compatibility requirement, and reject a process definition if the requirement is violated. When a BPEL processor adopts an XML Schema type aware data model, it MAY perform the same analysis at runtime, where, on encountering a violation of the compatibility requirement, it MUST throw a bpws:mismatchedAssignmentFailure fault. Note that when the default XPath 1.0 expression/query language binding is used, XML Schema runtime type-compatibility checking MUST NOT be performed, as the XPath 1.0 data model is not XML Schema type aware.»


  • Remove the last paragraph of the section.

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