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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue 157 Proposal - August 17 Revision

Hi all,

Requested by Danny, here I send the more formal wordings of the friendly amendment to the TC list for the record:

Add the following restriction to the proposal:
When the to-spec selects a TII (e.g. Text node in XPath 1.0) as LValue and one of the followings is computed or selected as RValue from the from-spec:
  • a TII which has zero Character Information Item
  • an AII which has an empty string as its [normalized value]
  • an EII which has zero Character Information Item as its desendants, that is its [children] and nested [children]. (Note: applying XPath 1.0 String() function to ths kind of EII would yield an empty string)
bpws:selectionFailure fault MUST be thrown.


Alex Yiu

Alex Yiu wrote:

I have uploaded these proposal docs to OASIS website as well.



Alex YIu

Charlton Barreto wrote:
Attached are the .doc and .pdf formats for the August 17 revision of the Issue 157 proposal, accepting Yaron and Monica's editorials and Yaron's friendly amendment:
1) Amendment: Remove Section (C) and incorporate that as the seed for the Issue 51 discussion.
2) Editorial: Add language to express that a TII LValue cannot be empty.
3) Editorial: Remove "source" from "...as the name of the resulting source element." in the first sub-bullet of the RE description in Section (D) (which is now renamed as Section (C)).
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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