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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Question: short-lived process for BPEL ?

Hi Yanming,

It depends on various factors: message payload size, web-service I/O nature (e.g. local call vs remote call), and other QoS parameters related to the process. (e.g. message reliability).

In general, I would say yes.

Alex Yiu

LI Yanming RD-ILAB-SSF wrote:

Hi there,

Sorry for the spam.


I need to create some Telco processes using BPEL, and the features of those process include:

 - very short-lived ( seconds, or minutes)

 - low latency (milliseconds)

 - multiple web services calls


Do you think BPEL can handle such requirements, or any one of your products can handle such processes?


Thanks for your attention.


Yanming Li
France Telecom
Research & Development San Francisco
Senior Software Engineer
801 Gateway
South San Francisco, CA94080
Tel: 650-875-1520
Fax: 650-875-1505


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