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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Variable Initialization and Variable Hiding

Yuzo's answer (with Alexs confirmation) also mirrors the behavior of variable initialization/resolution in Java, which is good as people will find it easier to relate to.  

In addition, following the same general idea, I believe that the following example is valid and yields S2.v2 = 201, right?  

scope S1     
   var v1 = 101     
      scope S2         
         var v1 = 201         
         var v2 = v1  


On 12/20/05 11:50 PM, "Yuzo Fujishima" <fujishima@bc.jp.nec.com> wrote:  
> Alex, 
> Thank you for the reply. 
> It is fine with me if you and other TC memebers agree with 
> my answers. (And it seems you do.) 
> At this moment I have no intention to propose modifying 
> the variable initialization behavior. 
> Yuzo 

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