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Subject: [wsbpel] Issue 229 - Proposal for vote


This is a minor observation, but I don't find it that confusing to differentiate between <compensate/> and <compensate scope="X"/>.   

I actually think it makes sense to have the same Xml element relate to both forms of compensation, as, after-all, both do deal with compensation of their inner scopes, the latter selectively.  

Compensation is a tricky feature to explain nonetheless, it seems to me that having a more descriptive name won't help that much, hence I am in favor of keeping the simplicity of the single compensate name.  

For example, we don't have a <receiveInOnly/>, <receiveInOut/> instead of just <receive/>. Also <compensateInner/> seems to indicate that there is a <compensateOuter/>.  

Anyway, just my opinion, either way we go is fine with me.  


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