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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Issue 82.1 - proposal to vote (directional vote) (updatedproposal)

Hi all,

Some of us have had some off-line discussion. Here is an updated proposal for Issue 82.1 (directional vote):

Prefix convention used in this email:
  • prefix "abs" refers to "...abstract-process-base-URI..."
  • prefix "exec" refers to "...exec-process-base-URI..."
  • prefix "template" refers to "...template-profile-URI..."
Schema details for the base:
  • There will be 2 distinct namespaces for Exec and Abs Process
  • Provide XSD definitions for Exec Process
  • Provide XSD definitions for the base of Abs Process
  • Since the grammars of Exec Process and Abs Process Base are so different, there will be no attempt to share XSD details between the Abs Process Base and Exec Process. XSD for Abs Process Base will be produced, once after XSD for Exec Process is finished.
Clarification to the base:
  • A profile MAY provide additional grammar or XSD to perform syntax validation specific to the profile
  • A profile MAY provide its extension construct of its namespace to allow additional information added to the Abstract Process.

Addition to Process-Template Profile:
  • Provide a schema specific to process-template; attempt will be made to share details between XSDs for Exec BPEL and Process-Template (including modularization and changes in Exec BPEL to make parts of its definition more reusable by Process-Template).
  • Adding an extension attribute [ template:createInstance ("yes"|"no") ] to <abs:opaqueActivity>


Alex Yiu

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