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Subject: Issue 218 - informal recap of discussion

Hi all,

Informal recap of discussion today:

  • Properties are merely projections of variables and so any use of properties are always coupled with a variable. Hence, the isolation semantics is applied to the variable. [as mentioned in the issue description]
  • messageExchange handles declared in a scope are just an identifier-like handle. The handler by itself does not have any mutatable state. Any use of messageExchange handles are always coupled with a partnerLink and the actual message exchange states (i.e. open or close state of a request-response operation) are parts of the state of a partnerLink and accessed with a messageExchange identifier. Hence, messageExchange handles are under the isolation realm.
  • partnerLinks declared in a scope are under isolation realm. To be more specific, the isolation is applicable only to the end point reference part of the partnerLink state, not the message exchange parts of the partnerLink state.
  • correlationSets can be mutated only once by initialization. Isolation on correlationSet does not produce any valuable usage pattern in WS-BPEL. Hence, correlationSets are not under the isolation realm.

I hope these wording reflects the intended semantics that we discussed today.

Alex Yiu

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