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Subject: Section G: Minor Nits

Whilst browsing the latest committee draft of our specification, I happened upon section G, References (Normative). I noted a few errors:
  • XLANG and WSFL are listed; however, I believe are not even mentioned in the specification text anymore, and should be deleted.
  • UDDI is also listed, but is only mentioned briefly in the introductory text, and can hardly be regarded as a normative dependency, and should be deleted.
  • Also questionable as normative dependencies: sagas, trends. These ought to be referenced non-normatively; BPEL's compensation and LRT mechanisms are decidedly different from sagas and trends, respectively. Sagas and trends certainly aren't required to define WS-BPEL.
  • XSLT 1.0 is now a normative dependency of WS-BPEL (per the issue 11 resolution), and should be included in the list. (I don't see the issue 11 resolution text in the specification yet, so I may be getting ahead of the editting team).
I'm pretty sure these aren't worth creating a formal issue for; this email ought to serve to track the problem. Or perhaps this requires discussion?


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