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Subject: Groups - Action Item Modified: #0073 Section =?UTF-8?B?OS4yDQpNYWtlIGV4?= =?UTF-8?B?YW1wbGVzIGNvbnNpLi4u?=

OASIS Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WSBPEL) TC member,

Ms Monica Martin has modified this action item.

Number: #0073
Description: Section 9.2
Make examples consi...
Owner: Mr Dieter Koenig
Status: Open

Ms Monica Martin  2006-03-31 20:00 GMT
Section 9.2
Consider changing examples that still specify either asynchronous or synchronous to one-way and req-resp.

For example: 

operation="AsyncPurchase" and operation="AsyncPurchaseResponse" 

should be consistent with descriptive text and changed to:

operation="OneWayPurchase" and operation="OneWayPurchaseResponse"

OR some comparable change.

Reason: The editors have updated the asynchronous and synchronous references in this section to one-ways and req-resp respectively in descriptive text but not in the examples.

Section 9.2
31 March 2006

Ms Monica Martin  2006-03-31 21:27 GMT
Section 9.1
Change to: The seller needs to return an acknowledgement for the order, and the acknowledgement must be routed to the correct business process instance at the buyer. 

Delete word 'asynchronously' which is consistent with other changes in Section 9.

Ms Monica Martin  2006-04-10 15:43 GMT
WS-BPEL TC Call 10 April 2006

Change to:

Ms Monica Martin  2006-04-10 15:47 GMT
Per WS-BPEL special teleconference 10 April 2006, 
change to (in third WSDL beginning at line 2986):

SyncPurchase to Purchase
AsyncPruchase to PurchaseRequest
AsyncPurchaseResponse to PurchaseResponse
AsyncPurchaseReject to PurchaseReject

Note: There may be other WSDL in this section that may need revision.

Ms Monica Martin  2006-04-10 17:07 GMT
There are also corresponding references to be changed in a later part of Section 9.2. Please check all code snippets to update. Thank you.

Ms Monica Martin  2006-04-21 16:14 GMT
21 April 2006, TC Teleconference

Make changes to code snippets in Section 10.3 and revise the related text accordingly: SyncPurchase to Purchase.

Ms Monica Martin  2006-05-02 18:23 GMT
Correct two examples in early part of Section 12.3:
SyncPurchase=>Purchase. F2F, San Jose, 2 May 2006

Ms Monica Martin  2006-05-02 18:24 GMT
Added Specification reference.

View Details:

Referenced Items
Date            Name                             Type
----            ----                             ----
2006-03-31      reviewOfChapter9.rev1.5.doc      Reference Document
2006-05-01      reviewOfChapter12.doc            Reference Document

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- OASIS Open Administration

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