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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] New Issue - Import in AP: basic executable completion

hi danny
there are two concepts of completions:

basic, *only for validation* to make sure you didn't do wierd stuff like 
one link that has 10 sources and one target. this only lets you replace 
explicit opaque token. There is no opaque import or opaque extension 
element in BPEL today.

'maximal' lets you add whatever you like including all you have below.

The completions that represent your AP's behavior result from the 
completiion rules *of your profile*, which will be a subset of the 
'maximal' completion. So in this one, whether you can do what you say 
below, depends on the completions set of your profile.


Danny van der Rijn wrote:
> what about <extensions>?
> and a side question:  what are the completion rules for things outside 
> of the primary activity and handlers?  for instance, can I add a 
> <variables> element if there isn't one?  If not, can I put an <opaque> 
> there instead?  Can I add a <variable> element to an existing 
> <variables> element?  Partnerlinks?  CorrelationSets?  etc.?
> Rania Khalaf wrote:
>> The AP basic completion rules were defined before BPEL mandatory
>> <import>s were introduced. The question that is open now is how do they
>> affect the basic executable completion rule that is used to
>> syntactically validate an Abstract Process (from any profile).
>> Currently,  the basic exec completion is :
>> A Basic Executable Completion of an Abstract Process is defined as an
>> Executable Completion whose allowed syntactic transformations are
>> limited to Opaque Token Replacement, plus the addition of an activity
>> with createInstance="yes" if none are present in the Abstract Process
>> (per clause [5] of section 13.1.3. Hiding Syntactic Elements).
>> Where  1b1 is:
>> •       Opaque Token Replacement: Replacing every opaque token (including
>> those omitted using the omission-shortcut) with a corresponding
>> Executable token. For example, replacing an opaque activity with an
>> <empty>.
>> So, without changing anything and taking the usage of <import> means
>> that one cannot (1) use wsdl/xsd/etc artifacts in the AP that have not
>> been defined in an imported documents and (2) replace opaque tokens with
>> artifacts not defined in these documents for the basic exec completion.
>> The question is do we want to allow (1) and (2), or just (2), or niether?
>> This affects section 13.1 and the two profiles (they have to decide
>> whether their completions allow adding arbitrary imports, aside from the
>> basic exec profile )
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