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wsbpel message

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Subject: Issue - 285 - Proposal to vote

Use <opaqueFrom> to represent the general form of from and get rid of 
the confusion. This would cause the following changes in the spec text 
(based on the latest doc updated May 17th):

(1)Make the body of the opaque from-spec section :

Opaque from-spec
A special case for generic opaque assignment is allowed. It represents 
hiding any of the forms of the 'from-spec' (see section 8.4. 
Assignment). The new opaqueFrom construct is used for this:


(2)In the section titled Omission, add 'and from-specs as shown below:

To enforce this requirement, omittable tokens are restricted to all 
attributes, activities, expressions, and from-specs

(3) Add 'and from-spec' to the first bullet of section 13.4.3:

• Explicit opaque tokens – opaque activity, opaque attributes, opaque 
expression, and opaque from-spec -

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