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Subject: Re: [wsbpel] Review - Chapter 16: Security Considerations

I don't think I changed any of that meaning :  " when using ... MUST ... "

only changing it so that it doesn't say that the headers must be in the signature (which IMO isn't correct), but rather says that the signature must be *over* the headers.

that was my intention, anyway.  If you still think that I changed something, can you suggest other wording that takes my concerns into account?  Or point out where you think my intention didn't make it into my wording?


Prasad Yendluri wrote:

Danny van der Rijn wrote:

- WS-Security added as normative reference in references section, and a [reference] to it added in 16

Consequently, when using WS-Security, signatures MUST include the semantically significant headers and the message body (as well as any other relevant data) MUST be signed so that they cannot be independently separated and re-used.

I would not consider this editorial change though. The original text as stated does not require signing, only that when signed the signatures include the  semantically significant headers and the message body. The rewording requires that messages MUST always be signed. In addition, having a MUST requirement with "any other relevant data" does not  make sense to me (as it is not specific enough for a MUST).


Mehta, Vinkesh (US - Austin) wrote:
After reviewing Chapter 16. Security Considerations, I propose that we accept the Chapter with no changes.

Vinkesh O. Mehta


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