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Subject: [wsbpel] Issue 247

Title: [wsbpel] Issue 247

I'd like to propose that we adopt Vinky's latest submission as the proposed appendix but I think there are a couple of small things to iron out first.

1) The sub heading of the appendix says that it's non-normative but the 2nd paragraph hints that the section is normative although subordinate to the main document in case of discrepancy. Do we have similar (Non-Normative) indicators on other appendices?

2) As Rania pointed out in the call today, these requirements should apply to executable processes. I was initially ok with adding something to the introductory paragraph making this explicit but there are some rules that apply to both and some rules that apply to only executable. For example, can an abstract process use WSDL with overloaded operations? Should we add another column onto the list indicating if the rule applies to an abstract process, executable process, or both? I found one rule that applies to only abstract processes SA00088 but this rule refers to Section 13.3.4 which doesn't exist anymore so perhaps it's no longer valid.

3) Some of the rules contain the text "This requirement MUST be statically enforced." This is likely a result of this statement occuring in the original section that the rule was extracted from. It seems redundant to state that the rule MUST be statically enforced since if it didn't need to be then why is it in the appendix? This statement should either be on all of the rules or none of the rules. My preference is for removing it.

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