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Subject: Issue 291 - Proposal for vote

Issue 291: Normative wordings in chapter 16 "Security Consideration"

Proposal for vote: (changes highlighted in green)

Since messages can be modified or forged, it is strongly suggested that business process implementations use WS-Security to ensure messages have not been modified or forged while in transit or while residing at destinations. Similarly, invalid or expired messages could be re-used or message headers not specifically associated with the specific message could be referenced. Consequently, when using WS-Security, signatures should include the semantically significant headers and the message body (as well as any other relevant data) so that they cannot be independently separated and re-used.

Messaging protocols used to communicate among business processes are subject to various forms of replay attacks. In addition to the mechanisms listed above, messages should include a message timestamp (as described in WS-Security) within the signature. Recipients can use the timestamp information to cache the most recent messages for a business process and detect duplicate transmissions and prevent potential replay attacks.

It should also be noted that business process implementations are subject to various forms of denial-of-service attacks. Implementers of business process execution systems compliant with this specification should take this into account.


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