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Subject: Initial example violates SA00050?

The initial example in 5.1 introduces the WSDL fault 'cannotCompleteOrder'
two times, one for portType 'purchaseOrderPT' operation 'sendPurchaseOrder'
and one for portType 'shippingPT' operation 'requestShipping'. This
violates SA00050 (v26 of the SA List):

"In the case of a request-response invocation, the operation might return a
WSDL fault message. This results in a fault identified in WS-BPEL by a
QName formed by the target namespace of the corresponding portType and the
fault name. To ensure uniqueness, this uniform naming mechanism MUST be
followed even though it does not match the WSDL’s fault-naming model."

Should this be fixed before the freeze? If yes, some adaptions to 5.6 are
necessary, too...

Best regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

       Thomas Schulze

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