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Subject: Recap of 2006-08-09 Conf Call

The XSDs posted by Alex yesterday will be updated to ensure all five include blockDefault=”#all” (per today’s vote).

Alex will post an update including these changes.   Please plan to review the updated XSDs in advance of next week’s conf call.  (Note: the only change I would expect to see in the updated XSDs is the addition of blockDefault=”#all”.)  


The current version of the XSDs are available here:  http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsbpel/document.php?document_id=19622


Alex has already posted some draft spec text to help clarify the relationship of the XSDs to the spec.  The intent of the draft text is to clarify which resource is authoritative.   While we seem to be in agreement that it should be the spec, the spec currently contains a copy of the XSD.  Monica suggested removing the XSD from the spec and simply including a pointer to it.   Please provide some feedback on both of these topics so we can get to closure on next week’s call.


We did not discuss Issue 289 because it is tightly coupled to the XSD (which was not ready for discussion, given the time it was posted).   We will come to closure on Issue 289 next week once everyone has reviewed the updated XSDs.  


We will also plan to lock down the dates of the F2F next week, giving Mike a chance to send out RSVPs.


Thanks everyone for calling in today.   Special thanks to Mark Ford for helping out with minutes. 




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