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wsbpel message

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Subject: Issue - 289 - Proposal to vote

Hi all,

Here is the formal proposal to vote:

[a] Formally decide the XML NS and schema location of 5 XSDs provided by this specification:
  1. ws-bpel_abstract_common_base.xsd :
    NS =
    (already updated in the XSD)
    schemaLocaton =

  2. ws-bpel_executable.xsd
    NS =
    schemaLocaton =

  3. ws-bpel_plnktype.xsd
    NS =
    schemaLocaton =

  4. ws-bpel_serviceref.xsd
    NS =
    schemaLocaton =

  5. ws-bpel_varprop.xsd
    NS =
    schemaLocaton =

Details of XSD are available here:

Depending on docs.oasis-open.org server capability, we may map the NS URI listed with some welcome/landing pages either with XHTML file with RDDL annotation or with XSD file directly.

[b] Add a couple of paragraphs to formally define the relationshipe between XSD and spec text:

In section 2 of the spec:
Replace this sentence
XSD Schemas are provided as a formal definition of grammars [XML Schema Part 1].
with: (copied from Thomas' previous email)
      Where there is disagreement between the separate XML schema files,
      the XML schemas in the appendices, any pseudo-schema in the
      descriptive text, and the normative descriptive text, the normative
      descriptive text will take precedence over the separate XML Schema
      files. The separate XML Schema files take precedence over any
      pseudo-schema and over any XML schema included in the appendices.
      XML Schema offers supplementary normative XML syntax details, such as
      details regarding extensibility of a WS-BPEL process definition, as
      long as those XML syntax details do not violate explicit normative
      descriptive text.

      XML Schemas only enforce a subset of constraints described in the
      normative descriptive text. Hence, a WS-BPEL artifact, such as a
      process definition, can be valid according to the XML Schemas only
      but not valid according to the normative descriptive text. A summary
      of the additional constraints can be found in Appendix B. Static
      Analysis requirement summary.

[c] Apply NS changes consistently:

Replace this:

We need to do a global search of the old NS and replace the new NS.
Also, we need to do:
  • a global search for "property", "propertyAlias" and apply "vprop" prefix and NS
  • a global search for "service-ref" and apply "sref" prefix and NS
These are editorial items.


Alex Yiu

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