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wsbpel message

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Subject: Status of Public Review Announcement

Hi Diane,
  I'm just confirming all of the appropriate components that are to be part of the public review; I don't think I received an email with all of the pieces referenced. I want to make sure I point to the right stuff! In order to make everything work on the docs server.
Editable source:
The date is a bit funky; should be 23 August 2006 (or at least August 23rd rather than 23th)
We need to have the filename changed; spaces in filenames aren't allowed (you can see why from the ugly URI above)
There's a few problems with this file still:
1. WS-BPEL must be changed to WSBPEL throughout (incorrectly identifies the namespace)
2. The links point to Kavi rather than docs.oasis-open.org URIs
3. The Comment list reference should contain two links: one to the main comment subscription page for the TC, and the other to the comment archives
I think that's it ... thanks!

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