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Subject: [wsbpel] Issue R1 keepSrcElement behavior for virtual <assign>'s

Outline of proposed changes (formal spec text to follow)


1. Change Section 10.3 to make the handling of element style variables and fromPart/toPart work like the real <assign>. Currently, the handling of element style variables is vague with respect to the rules for copying data in or out of the anonymous temporary WSDL message variable while the rules for the fromPart/toPart work exactly like the real <assign>.


2. Add text to Section 10.3 that changes the behavior of these virtual assigns to have the keepSrcElementName option set to “yes” whenever the virtual copy operation is performing an element to element copy.


It’s also worth noting that this issue could be split into two sub issues, with each of the options above having its own vote.


It seems that #1 is an obvious oversight that should get fixed. While it is a normative change, it seems consistent with the spirit of the text there.


If #2 is not adopted, then the workaround is to avoid using element style variables or fromPart/toPart if the message being sent/received contains elements that are the head of a substitutionGroup.

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