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Subject: Webinar and PR update/plan

Resending with formatting corrected.  

Interested parties stayed on after the Jan 10 TC call to discuss BPEL webinar and other PR possibilities.  Attendees were Dieter, Danny Alex, Mark, Frank, Ivana.   To refresh everyone's memories, here are my notes from the pr discussion on the TC call:  best timing for a webinar would be in March to help stimulate the vote for approval as an OASIS standard, technology used is GoToMeeting, presentation and voice are supported (no video), max of 2-3 speakers works best.  Dee needs an abstract to start the process for scheduling and announcing.  Other opportunities for demo's/interop exist (she's sent a note to the list with some specifically).  She described a demo as multiple products demonstrating how they conform to the standard for example, picking a common theme or problem and showing how each vendor's implementation supports it.  At the upcoming OASIS symposium, Charlton will provide a lightening round.  (We got a couple abstracts to the board members on Jan 10, but since we missed the Jan 5 deadline, we did not get a place on the agenda.)  We should also consider setting up a bpel.xml.org web page which would provide static facts about the standard as well as dynamic areas for people to post information, blogs, wiki's and forums.  A press release will be scheduled when the vote for approval comes up.  

On the post TC call, we decided to focus mainly on plans for a webinar.  We felt there were two distinct audiences that might be interested and drafted separate outlines for each.  I will check with Dee on whether she'd agree to allowing 2 BPEL webinars.  On the call Jan 17, we will finalize our thinking on these abstracts and get them out for review on the Jan 24 TC call.  If all goes well, we should have abstracts to Dee after that meeting.  We'll also need to decide who will present what parts of each webinar.  

The two outlines are:  

What is BPEL for an audience of developers, architects, etc:  (Dieter offered his existing presentation which was given at a European OASIS event last fall as a starting point for this webinar).  
-  architectural concepts on which BPEL is based
-  language constructs
-  advanced features (eg, partner links)
-  changes in v 2.0
-  how BPEL fits with web services standards
-  status of the specification
How BPEL can be used for an audience of business analysts, CTO's, etc:   (John volunteered to provide a starting point presentation for this webinar).  
-  business problems addressed by BPEL
-  scenarios for usage
-  how bpel relates to other BPM standards
-  role of BPEL as an orchestration language within the full range of BPM solutions
-  status of the specification

There was interest in exploring whether enough TC members would be willing to support the type of demo's that Dee and Carol described.  We talked about putting together a set of possiblities to consider that would include the minimum we'd want to show as well as increasing possibilities.  Here are the initial thoughts we mentioned:  

-  2 or more BPEL implementations (more the better)
-  WS BPEL 2.0 implementations - at least  defined as not using 1.1 elements that have been removed up through utilizing new 2.0 functions  
-  running the same scenario with same results next to each other -> running portions of a scenario on each implementation -> dynamically changing the implementation running different steps of the scenario

I will send a separate email to the TC to see if there is enough interest in working on this.  

Regards, Diane
IBM  Emerging Internet Software Standards
(919)254-7221 or 8-444-7221, Mobile: 919-624-5123, Fax 845-491-5709

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