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wsdm-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: kirk.wilson@ca.com

Name: Kirk Wilson
Title:  Architect, office of CTO
Organization: CA, Inc.
Regarding Specification:  WSDM MUWS 1.1

Comments regarding definitions in section 1.1 of MUWS Part 1.

1.  Line 127: a "car engine" is not an intutively obvious example of an IT resource.

2.  The definition of "WSRF Resource" is actually the definition of a WS-Resource in the WS-Resource specification.  It is not clear why another term needs to be introduced in this spec for this technical concept.  This can only lead to confusion.  I suspect that what is intended by "WSRF Resource" in WSDM is what the WS-R specification defines as a "resource", namely:
A resource is a logical entity that has the following characteristics:
 It MUST be identifiable.
 It MUST have a set of zero or more properties, which are expressible in XML infoset.
 It MAY have lifecycle.
MUWS should (1) introduce the preceding definition as the definition of "WSRF Resource" and (2) change the term "WSRF Resource" to "WS-Resource" in line 128.  (Also, the definition should be made more explicit by referring to "WSRF Resource" rather than simply "resource".

3.  The definition of Manageability Capacity Interface should be eliminated (it is not longer used in the specificaiton).  The definition of Manageability Interface should be changed to "A Web service interface that exposes one or more manageability capabilities."

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