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Subject: RE: [wsdm] Groups - ConferenceCall.040903.htm uploaded

Hi Heather and WSDM members,
long time...

Hope it is OK to ask questions to the group.
If not, just send me some nasty mail and I will be quiet :-)

These questions are sort of directed at Heather, but others may have an
answer as well.

I am just a watcher on this group, Matt Green is our rep, but if you don't
mind I would love to understand the reasoning behind your approach to want
to define "management of" before "management by".

How are we to define management of web services without first defining
management by web services?
What exactly does defining management of web services mean?
What is the result?
Are you defining a model?
If so, are you going to use CIM to define that model?  JMX?
A model on a piece of paper (Visio, PowerPoint,...)?  Other?

You say that many people are blocking on getting this info.  Why?  If they
are blocking because they want to implement something, don't you need to
define the "management by" piece before they can implement?  Or do you
expect lots of different implementations of the same model?  In which case,
what has been gained in terms of standardization?  You will end up with lots
of incompatible ways to get at and manipulate the same sort of information.
Do you consider that this would be a big step forwards?  If so, why?

If you use a real implementation (CIM, JMX, ..) to define the model, doesn't
that sort of eliminate everything else in the "management by web services"
camp except the technology you used to define the model ?

Too many questions.... sorry...
Best Regards,
Geoff Bullen

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Subject: [wsdm] Groups - ConferenceCall.040903.htm uploaded

The document ConferenceCall.040903.htm has been submitted by Heather Kreger
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April 9, 2003 Conference Call Minutes

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