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Subject: What comes first

I think that a more clear definition of the deliverables is required to
answer which to do first.  Our goal in creating the new charter was to
leverage/augment work in DMTF, W3C and GGF in particular.  We need to define
what that means, then based on the readiness of the groups, go from there.
I think a lot of our work is figuring how and if we can work within the
framework we propose.  

Based on discussions in the old TC, while somewhat simplistically stated, I
would have thought the first thing we would do is to take the work done by
the W3C in terms of resources and methods; and working "with" the
application modeling team from DMTF, produce a web services model
(management of).  Once we had the web services model, we could then proceed
based on the work the GGF was doing to produce a WSDL based implementation
of the service (management using). 


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