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Subject: Re: [wsdm] Requirements for Management Using Web Services


This is an excellent start! Here are some of my comments, alongwith
the appropriate context from your write-up -

Management Interface Requirements Section
Requirements on Web Services (generic):
>      3. Web Services Identification
Actually, this is more general - "Managed Resource Identification",
since management products compliant with WSDM will manage resources
other than web services as well. This is the first issue we need to
agree on as part of a building block for the rest of the spec, in my
>      9. Support for events
Aren't existing message mechanisms sufficient for what we need? Maybe
you can elaborate on this during the conf call tomorrow.
>      12. Discovery mechanisms

Scalability Requirements:
> 1. It should be possible to off-load certain kinds of processing/
>    filtering at Agent to reduce network traffic.
I think we should be more specific here, since this aspect deals a
lot with operational/implementation issues. Possible kinds of
filtering or work to be offloaded to the Agent: a) computation of
derived statistics b) event co-relation (sequence and time-based)
c) local root-cause analysis (??!!), d) ...
> 3. A Manager should be able to support a large number of
>    Managed Resources.
This is also subjective and "close" to operational/implementation
aspects. What is the scale here - ten's, hundred's, thousand's? I
think the ability to multiplex across ten's of "children" at the
Manager and Agent level might be more appropriate. Also, we are not
saying anything regarding the levels of hierarchy a product could
support amongst the Manager -> Agent -> Managed Resource layers.
Other views are welcome if I am off-base here.

Also, it might be useful to add a section on "Usability" as well.
One aspect I can think of right away for this is -
- It should be possible to configure an operation on more than one
  Managed Resource, rather than having to go through a configuration
  step for each Resource.

Sanjeev K.

"KUMAR,PANKAJ (HP-Cupertino,ex1)" wrote:
> Hi WSDM-TC Members,
> To continue the discussion initiated by last week's presentation,
> we would like to submit the attached writeup as starting point for
> further discussion on "Management Using Web Services"
> requirements. A subsequent submission will include a writeup on
> "Management Of Web Services" requirements.
> Winston, Heather,
> Please add these documents to the TC agenda.
> Best Regards, <<MUWS-Req.txt>>
> Pankaj Kumar
> Web Services management Organization,
> HP OpenView, HP.
> Tel: 1-408-447-4571
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                    Name: MUWS-Req.txt
>    MUWS-Req.txt    Type: Plain Text (text/plain)
>                Encoding: quoted-printable

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