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Subject: IBM Requirements

Hi wsdm-ites,
I did not summarize the requirements from the presentation as most of those
are reflected in the W3C MTF submissions I already gave you pointers to.

Here are IBM's initial  requirements:
(See attached file: IBM Requirements.htm)

Talk to you tomorrow,
Heather Kreger
STSM, Web Services Lead Architect for SWG Emerging Technologies
Author of "Java and JMX: Building Manageable Systems"
919-543-3211 (t/l 441)  cell:919-496-9572
Title: IBM Requirements

IBM Requirements


Management Of Web Services

Management of Web services means managing the Web service resource as an IT resource. It does imply the ability to determine and manage the components that are used to implement the Web service.

-         Manageability information model agnostic of how the information is represented or accessed

-         Supports the following manageability capabilities as defined by W3C WS Architecture Management Task Force Web Service Endpoint draft (http://www…)

o       Identity

o       Configuration

o       Metrics

o       State

o       Operations

o       Events

-         Supports the representation of Relationships between Web services and Web services and other IT resources.

-         Canonical representation, discovery, and access consistent with “Management Using Web services” is defined

-         Addresses the management of the Web services in the context of the Web services architecture, this may require being able to manage the role and management requirements of:

o       Web Service Execution Environment

o       Discovery agency

Additional manageable roles may be identified and defined.

-         Extensibility – allows additional, custom, service specific manageability capabilities to be added, discovered and accessed.


Management Using Web Services

-         Use existing internet infrastructures

-         Manageability capabilities of manageable resources described using WSDL (PortType)

-         Access to manageability capabilities of manageable resources is described using WSDL (Binding)

-         Addressability or access point for manageability capabilities of manageable resources is described using WSDL (Port)

-         Manageability capabilities can be categorized according to their purpose, i.e. properties can be categorized as identification information, description, metrics, capabilities, configuration information, etc.

-         Manageable resources are discoverable in a manner consistent with the Web services architecture.

-         Manageability capabilities of a manageable resource are discoverable from the WSDL.

-         Relationships between manageable resources are discoverable from the manageable resources or Web services discovery mechanisms

-         Additional descriptions, work flows and/or policies can be associated with a manageable resource

-         Additional interfaces for the manageable resource can be associated with the manageable resource (i.e. security, administration, etc.)

-         Leverages, does not invent, non-management specific Web services infrastructure.

o       If non-management specific services/infrastructure is required then it is placed as a requirement on the Web services community

o       Required infrastructure includes: notifications, relationships, registry

-         Is defined consistently with existing Web services management specifications such that it can be used/applied in those communities, i.e. GGF, DMTF

-         Extensibility

-         At least one standard binding is defined (but not required to be supported by all compliant implementations): SOAP/HTTP.



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