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Subject: "Stack" Categories

Here are the stack categories that were an action item from Tuesday's
meeting. I've also attached an updated version of the slides from Tuesday.

Web Services Architecture (WSA) - Architectural models, mechanisms,
languages for description, which could be realized with particular
standardized specifications.

Arch Support for Management (conformance) - Management specific portions of
the WSA

Manageability Framework - programming language, application server, OS, and
hardware neutral platform for manageability. A methodology for exposing
domain specific manageability information in a standard way (e.g., means to
describe and access resource manageability information/capabilities,
conventions for extensibility)
Web service patterns - OGSI 

Manageability Domains - domain specific manageability.  An information model
and application of the foundation to the Information model

Distributed and Federated Management System Functionality - essential
management system functionality in support of IT management processes (e.g.,
ala ITIL).



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