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Subject: [Fwd: [wsdm-comment] [refactoring] Discussion of OGSI and Web Services]

Fred Carter / AmberPoint, Inc.

tel:+1.510.433.6525 fax:+1.510.663.6301

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I don't follow the OGSI WG email, but had this forwarded to me by a 
colleague at MITRE.

I have to admit that I am not an expert on OGSI, but this isn't long and 
makes some interesting points that seem to relate to some of our own 

I deleted the attachment on the theory that the email itself has a URL 
where people who are interested can download it.

It would be nice if those more involved in the OGSI can provide some 
informed commentary on this.



John DeCarlo, The MITRE Corporation, My Views Are My Own
email:      jdecarlo@mitre.org
voice:      703-883-7116
fax:        703-883-3383
DISA cube:  703-882-0593
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Dear all,

(Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this message).

There has been a lot of discussion in the community on the relationship
between Web and Grid Services. Here at the North-East Regional e-Science
Centre (NEReSC, http://www.neresc.ac.uk) and in collaboration with
Arjuna Technologies (http://www.arjuna.com), we have been looking at the
relationship between Web Services technologies, OGSI and Grid

The attached document investigates the Grid architecture and its
relationship to the Web Services Architecture. It presents our views on
the current version of the OGSI specification and then goes on to
propose a different mapping of the Grid infrastructure requirements to
Web Services specifications and practises. The aim is to design an
alternative mapping that captures the same Grid requirements, but fits
more closely with conventional Web Services specifications and
practises. It is not in our intentions to create an alternative to OGSI
but, rather, provide an analysis of the issues with the current version
of the specification and use it as input to future discussions within
the community.

This document is work in progress and will, hopefully, evolve through
the feedback we look forward to receiving from the community. You can
find the latest version of this document, along with more examples of
the use of the proposed framework at

We are submitting the document to the relevant working group within the
GGF as input to discussions on the future of OGSI.

Savas Parastatidis, NEReSC
Paul Watson, NEReSC
Jim Webber, Arjuna Technologies
Thomas Rischbeck, Arjuna Technologies

A Grid Application Framework based on Web Services Specifications and Standards v1.0.pdf

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