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Subject: Re: [wsdm] Long-lived interactions requirement proposal

Sorry that I was not able to participate in Thursday's call.

Serious questions have been raised from several directions (not just in the
Newcastle/Arjuna paper) as to how the work in BPEL4WS/OASIS WS-Business
Process group and WSCI/W3C WS-Choreography group relate to the GGF OGSI
spec.  WSDM will discuss this later this month, when Steve Tuecke returns
from vacation.  Issues include differences in programming model between
message correlation in BPEL/WSCI and locators in OGSI, including
scalability, distributed systems program model (instance/session vs process
model), uniformity (two models vs one) and flexibility.

My question is:  Are we writing requirements assuming a session model before
we've had the (postponed) discussion as to whether that's the consensus
model?  My own perspective is that the WSCI/BPEL model (also used in JSR
207-208) is superior, and the industry should converge on that model.

I've expressed this opinion to the GGF OGSI group (superior model), but
regretably my understanding of the issue came too late to have any impact on
this iteration of the OGSI spec.  I'd rather not see this recur within the
WSDM group.



"VAMBENEPE,WILLIAM (HP-Cupertino,ex1)" wrote:
> Hi all,
> As agreed during the conf call on Thursday, here is a proposal on how to add
> support for services involved in long-lived interactions to our MOWS
> requirement doc.
> Regards,
> William
> Proposal:
> ---------
> In the glossary: Remove all references to conversations and define a session
> as "a set of related messages (sent or received by the service) and their
> context".
> In the requirements list (section 2), add:
> - The manageability representation MUST allow monitoring (including state
> and access to messages) and control of the current sessions of a service.
> - The manageability representation MUST allow metrics to be defined at the
> session level.
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