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Subject: RE: [wsdm] Terminology in the requirements

John, Thanks for the ideas. I was worrying that various interfaces may
not support the same "capabilities" (which the resource has from
design/implementation time onwards). As we discuss this, I am warming up
to the idea that capabilities is everything that the resource can
supply/do wrt data + events + operations.  I agree that my word of
"information" is probably more confusing than "capabilities" :-).  I
withdraw this.

I like your new definitions of Manageability Configurability and
Configuration.  However, this still does not distinguish that different
interfaces may not be able to support/provide all the data + events +
operations. What worries me was that the resource has "capabilities",
but that the interfaces may limit what can be expressed/exposed.  This
was not clear to me.


-----Original Message-----
From: John DeCarlo [mailto:jdecarlo@mitre.org] 
Sent: Friday, August 15, 2003 10:22 AM
To: Andrea Westerinen
Cc: 'Mark Potts'; 'Ellen Stokes'; homayoun@hp.com; 'Sedukhin, Igor S';
Subject: Re: [wsdm] Terminology in the requirements


I agree more with Mark on this issue.  After all, there are capabilities

in general and capabilities of a resource - those are two distinct types

of things.

A manageable resource has a set of manageability capabilities that are 
set at design/implementation time.  And it can be configured during its 
lifetime.  We actually have requirements to be able to turn on or off 
certain manageability capabilities.  In fact, a managed resource may be 
configured to turn off all of its manageability capabilities (depending 
on interpretation of the requirements).

Also, we highlight in the requirements that things can change during the

runtime/lifecycle of a manageable resource.

However, I like the idea of defining MANAGEABILITY CONFIGURATION.  While

I agree with Mark that it is meta data, it could make it clearer to 
people that runtime changes need to be reflected somehow.

Properties, operations, and events all can be configured by management 
(including self management).  It would be nice to make it clear how to 
access the current configuration.

MANAGEABILITY CONFIGURATION is the set of meta data about a managed 
resource's current state of its manageability capabilities, that is 
needed for a manager.

MANAGEABILITY CONFIGURABILITY is the possible range of states each 
manageability capability can be in for a given manageable resource.

What do you think?

Andrea Westerinen wrote:

> Mark, I agree in general with the definitions, except for one.... 
> "manageability capabilities".  We have found in the DMTF that 
> capabilities and current choices/configuration are different things. 
> For example, your manageability information may have the capability to

> be input or output in 4 different languages, but your current 
> configuration is to use English.  I would rather use the term 
> "manageability information" to convey properties, operations and 
> events that can be exposed - and then change the definitions as 
> follows:
> Manageable implies that a resource can effectively be managed by a 
> Manager (no change)
> Manageability implies the existence of a sufficient set of 
> manageability INTERFACES and INFORMATION such that a resource is 
> manageable (removed the word, capabilities)
> Manager is the consumer of manageability INFORMATION offered by 
> word, capabilities, and added the phrase regarding interfaces)
> Manageability INFORMATION INCLUDES properties, operations and events 
> exposed for the management of a resource (removed the words, 
> capabilities include)
> Management is the utilization of the manageability INTERFACES TO 
> OBTAIN MANAGEABILITY INFORMATION by a Manager (removed the word, 
> capabilities)
> Managed implies that a resource's manageability INFORMATION IS 
> actively being utilised by a Manager (removed the words, capabilities 
> are)
> Manageability interface is the interface through which manageability 
> INFORMATION IS exposed (removed the words, capabilities are)
> Manageability endpoint is the address at which the manageability 
> interface can be accessed (no change)
> Andrea
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> From: Mark Potts [mailto:mark.potts@talkingblocks.com]
> Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003 10:18 PM
> To: Mark Potts; Ellen Stokes; homayoun@hp.com
> Cc: Sedukhin, Igor S; wsdm@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: RE: [wsdm] Terminology in the requirements
> Sorry... The terminology doesnt read as well with the HTML formatting 
> stripped from the mail - so attached is the same mail in HTML.
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> 	From: Mark Potts 
> 	Sent: Thu 8/7/2003 10:10 PM 
> 	To: Ellen Stokes; homayoun@hp.com 
> 	Cc: Sedukhin, Igor S; wsdm@lists.oasis-open.org 
> 	Subject: RE: [wsdm] Terminology in the requirements
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