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Subject: Proposed Membership Level Changes for WSDM TC participants

Title: Proposed Membership Level Changes for WSDM TC participants


As an action item I was assigned during last weeks conference call I have reviewed the WSDM TC  Attendance Tracker and  I am proposing the following. I recommend that we adjust Members who have not attended the last three meetings have their status changed to Prospective Member. Those Prospective members who have attended more than three and have attended the last two out of three should be moved to Member. I also recommend that we move Prospective Members that have been a Prospective Members for at least a month and have not attended a single meeting be changed to Observer to reflect their true status.

The TC Process is stricter than this, but as we have just left a vacation period, I think we should extend the requirement for downgrade to missing all three of the last three meetings. The TC process also does not cover transitions from Prospective Member to Observer. I don't think this changes any rights, but more correctly reflects their status.

I plan to send a warning to all members in the list tomorrow and let them know if they do not attend this Thursday's call they will be downgraded.

Here is the list of  WSDM TC Members who have not attended any of the last three meetings and will be downgraded to Prospective Member without voting rights if they do not attend Thursday's call.

Judi Cowell
Ed Day
Sheldon Finkelstein
Scott Hinkelman
Sanjeev Kumar
Larry Lackey
Darran Rolls
Sekhar Sarukkai
Andre Srinivasan
Veena Subrahmanyam
Ryoichi Ueda
Keith Weng

Here is a list of Prospective Members that I suggest that we transition to Observer as they have never attended a meeting.

Muhamed Aganagic
Tyky Aichelen
Alistair Farquharson
Sastry Malladi
Alessandro Triglia

The following list is of those I recommend for upgrade from Prospective Member to Voting member, as they have participated in more than three meetings and have participated in the last two out of three.

Bill Jones

Please let me know if you have any issues with this approach before I send the warning tomorrow. Also if you know of any correction that I need to make to this list due to in accurate information on the attendance tracker, please let me know as well.

Thanks for you participation,
Winston Bumpus
OASIS - WSDM TC Co-chair

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