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Subject: Minutes from Monday afternoon F2F

Minutes attached.


*                                      *
* Minutes from OASIS WSDM face to face *
* September 29, 2003                   *
*                                      *

We are one person short of quorum

WSMF OGSI refactoring

Shiva Jayaraman gives an overview of the refactoring work
(document available at: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/wsdm/download.php/3491/WSMF_OGSI_Refactoring.pdf)


- Heather: why do your portType extend the base portType? OGSI 1.0 does the same, it is for consistancy. Also to enforce the fact that the base portType is required.

- question on SDE usage.

- did you generate the WSDL 1.1 docs? Yes we did. Ran the GWSDL2WSDL tool and had to modify the WSDL docs by hand. We did it for the foundation. Heather warns against using the auto-generated WSDL document, a lot of web servics people at IBM frowned on them when IBM did a similar exercise.

We now have quorum and the minutes from the last conf call are approved.

WS-Manageability overview

Igor gives an overview of WS-Manageablity

Igor walks through his slides on discoverability (multiple permutations)

Questions on how one can add new management interfaces and mark them as management interfaces.

Topics and categories

Igor walks through the UML model used by WS-Manageability

Igor explains the use of topics in WS-Manageability:

Zulah, William, Bryan walk through the categories in WSMF:

Question: what is the purpose of these topics/categories? Let's agree on what the intent is before we try to define them.

Winston: shouldn't we re-use existing categories, already defined for management?

Heather: we need to look at these in the broad sense to make sure we are not missing any requirement

Zulah: we need several things. One is just simply how to break down the capabilities in interfaces. WSMF took a simple approach and did it based on categories. There is also a need for meta-info on the capabilities.

Andrea: Identity, properties (read or read/write), relationships, operations, events -> those apply to any model.

Winston: we either agree on an existing set of semantics or we invent a new one and this would take a long time.

Zulah: I agree with Andrea. Let's find something that's common among all models, like what Andrea listed.

Winston: having a metamodel like the one Andrea listed would allow us to move forward. If we try to agree on the semantic of either the list in WSMF or WS-Manageability it will take forever.

We go around the room asking people if they are ok focussing on the simple meta-model proposed by Andrea.

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