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Subject: [UPlat] Preparing for next week conf call

Hi all,

In order to make the most out of our first MUWS WS-Platform conference call
and since we only have 45 minutes to talk, I would like to focus the first
phone discussion on only two "features" we need from the WS platform: events
and attributes. During this call, let's try to decide for each of these two
what our recommendation for the larger TC is and what work we have to do.
Some of the options are:

- there is already an acceptable standard to do this and it is XXX
- let's get a separate TC started to do this and provide them requirements
- we don't need this from the platform we'll do it ourselves
- we do need this for the platform but we will define a temporary and simple
alternative in order to be able to meet our timeline
- any combination of the above...

Please share your thoughts on what we should do for events and attributes by
email ahead of time so we have a productive discussion on the phone.

We can also use email to list other "features" that we think we'll need, for
discussion during future conf calls.

I will be out of the office next week, so Zulah has agreed to run the first
conference call, on October 9.



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